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Central Division Cycling Rules
  1. Central Division
    • The Central Division Cycling club combine is made up of the following CNSW / CA affiliated clubs:

ADF Cycling ADF
Central Coast Cycling Club CCCC
Cessnock Cycling Club CESS
Hunter District Cycling Club HD
Hunter Valley Masters Cycling Club HVMCC
Kooragang Open Cycling Club KO
Manning Valley Cycling Club MVC
Muswellbrook Cycling Club MB

    • Central Division Cycling dues are $30.00 per club for the year
  1. Riders
    • Only riders from Central Division clubs are permitted to race in Central Division championship events. Visiting riders from other clubs are only eligible to take part in Invitational events.
    • Riders must hold a current racing license. That license must be produced on request.   No licence = NO RACE
    • Riders are required to wear AS2063 approved helmets at all Central Division races, including the Team Time Trial.   No AS2063 helmet = NO RACE
    • Riders are recommended tp wear their club’s registered shirt or uniform unless they are registered with CNSW as a member of a sponsored team.
  1. Events
    • Every rider must make sure that their details are correct on the start sheet. Please write your full christian name, surname, club details, and allotted race number clearly on the entry sheet. Riders are also required to sign on.
    • All Central Division Cycling events are to comply with CNSW Technical Regulations and any restrictions imposed by the relevant Traffic Management Plan and/or any other condition imposed by police, the RTA, or local council(s).
    • Results are to be recorded for at least 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place in each grade. Host clubs may record and publish further places if the wish.
    • A copy of the results is to be forwarded to Cycling NSW.
    • CNSW, NSW Police, the RTA, and local council(s) must approve each Central Division event.
    • All officials and traffic marshals are to hold current accreditation.
    • Follow cars can only be used where permitted by the Traffic Management Plan for the event.
    • For TTT events the following rules apply.
    • One rider from each team is requested to sign on 30 mins before start and pay and collect the numbers for the entire team.
    • Teams of four are to be made up of at least 4 riders from the same grade.
    • Teams with members from one club will be included in the CD pointscore.  Mixed club teams ie two KOCC riders & two HDCC riders will not be awarded points.
  1. Grading
    • Riders are graded according to their local club grade, the relative strength of their club, and individual results. Club handicappers can also suggest an appropriate Central Division grade or temporary grade adjustment for riders in their submissions.
    • Riders cannot race in a grade lower than their published grade.
    • Riders can request to be graded higher but should only do so after careful consideration, especially if they have not proven their ability through race results. The Central Division handicapper and the host Club's Handicapper reserve the right to refuse any such request.
    • The grades will be adjusted throughout the season according to results at club, CD, and Open level and other factors such as illness or injury, Read the Rider Regrading Process and If you have any further questions about your grading please contact cdgrader@gmail.com.
  1. Distribution of Entry Fees
    • The entry fee is $15.00 for Central Division events 
    • All ancillary accounts on the day are the host club's responsibility (eg. traffic marshals, race starter, judges, first aid/ambulance, commissaires, follow car drivers, etc).
    • Central Division Invitationals:
-   $2.00 per starter to Central Division secretary
-   $7.00 per starter to promoting club
-   $6.00 per starter to race prize money
-   Each grade is paid an equal amount
-   Central Division decides the payout amount
    • Central Division Championships:
-   $2.00 per starter to Central Division secretary
-   $7.00 per starter to promoting club
-   $6.00 per starter to race prize money
-   Each grade is paid an equal amount
-   Central Division decides the payout amount
-   Central Division pays for medals

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